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Shenzhen longhua new district pinus tabulaeformis road building day remitCBuilding205Room
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TouchicThe broken symptoms
This question for many customers:“TouchicThe broken symptoms”Shenzhen jin sharp jia technology co., LTD...
TouchicWhat are the features of application design product
Shenzhen jin sharp jia technology co., LTD launched a touchic,Touch the chip,TouchICApplication design products are like...
Please touchICTwo touch-sensitive keys welding plate
JRA series of touchic,Touch the keysicMinimum spacing not less than in the application2mm。
Could you tell me strength sharp better technology touch buttonsICApplications
Shenzhen jin sharp jia technology co., LTD. Touch keysIC,Touchic,The application of touch chip touch shell...
Please touch the chip induction welding plate(PAD)If
Shenzhen jin sharp touch chips,Touchic,TouchicWhen the application if because structure height problem caused by touch...
Please touch the keysicThe shell is in the application
Jin sharp touch keysicTouch the induction welding plate in the application(PAD)Closely contact with touch of each case...
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